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  • How might I get in touch with you?
    You can get in touch with me through my email
  • My product was received damaged upon the delivery?
    Our customers have a grace period of 5 days to contact us by email about defected or broken items. With proof (pictures or videos) to determine what type of refund will be offered. However *ALL SALES ARE FINAL*
  • Are all products handmade?
    Yes, all products are individually handmade.
  • Do I need to register before placing an order?
    You do not have to register before placing an order. You can check out as a guest. Although our registration process is set up so you can browse, shop and, or complete your orders at a later time. Items that are placed in your cart will remain intact so you do not have to re-select the items again. Also keep in mind that items placed in cart for later purchase does not guarantee its availability.
  • why are some of my items placed in my cart gone?
    Items placed in cart for later purchase does not guarantee its availability.
  • How long does items take to ship?
    Orders take 5-10 business days to ship depending on how many orders are coming in, but at Tbeautyx3 we do insure that updates will be available to customers.
  • What's the best way to track my orders?
    Using the " Shop App" is highly Recommend for tracking your orders as well as you'll receive a tracking information sent to your email. Shop App:
  • What Shipping service is used?
    Tbx3 orders are shipped with UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE (UPS). Tracking # is sent via email or text. Please always double check to make sure the information you provide us are correct.
  • Can I customized my jewelry?
    unfortunatley, Waist Beads are the only customizable product. Waist Beads can be customized by Size and Color.
  • Does the price of Waist beads vary by size?
    No, all our waist beads are priced the same no matter the size.
  • I want Waist Beads but I don't know my Waist size?
    Waist Beads can be the same size as your favorite pair of pants, However, you can use the chart below as a guide.
  • I have an event and would like to order customizable pieces of accessories for a large group.
    For events such as birthdays, parties and more. Please reach out to Tbx3. With the email below. Within a 2-3 week notice ahead of time to place an order. Contact:
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