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About Us

At Tbeautyx3 we provide our customers with a unique take on beaded fashionable accessories, plus natural handmade oils and more! Tbeautyx3 is a online store that delivers homemade products and provides beauty services; Great quality products with affordable prices.

Tbx3 is simplicity at its finest; hand crafted beautiful pieces to add to your everyday look or style.

Our main goal is to make every single person who we might come across, and for those shopping online from our website to feel like their best self in the most natural and simple way. They're are so many ways in unlocking your beauty here. Loving who you are and taking care of yourself so you can maintain the beauty that's always been right in front of you. Give us a chance to wow you with or natural products, beaded accessories and amazing services and  while your shopping here ,"Let life gently push you"!


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our professional customer service team is always here to help you.


Enjoy shopping at Tbeautyx3. 

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